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Custom Product Terms and Conditions

Installation: An estimated installation time frame will be given to you. Once draperies are completed and inspected, an installation date and time will be scheduled. Though we are working hard to ensure timely completion, COVID-19 related delays are possible. Any delays shall be brought to your attention.


Your custom window treatments will be installed by our expert drapery installers using hardware in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Draperies will be dressed as required. Any valuables or furnishings, such as art, accents, furniture, etc. must be moved out of the installation work area before a Custom Drapes’ installer arrives for installation. If the customer wishes our Custom Drapes’ installer move furnishings out of the way and then back after installation, there may be an additional charge. Custom Drapes is not responsible for any damage to furniture that is not moved before our arrival.

Our designers and installers are trained on how to measure and install each product for the best possible fit for your window and will order products at that size. Custom Drapes guarantees the fit of our products when measured and installed by a Custom Drapes designer and installer. Sheetrock around windows is rarely perfect or square which may cause gaps on the sides of the product or give the appearance that the product is not level, particularly with inside mount shades and treatments.

On a case by case basis, our expert drapery installers may accommodate installation of draperies or hardware not provided by or produced by Custom Drapes. Custom Drapes cannot guarantee any fabric, material or hardware not provided or produced by Custom Drapes. A return trip due to missing, broken or unusable window treatments or hardware will result in a $150.00 Return Trip Fee. 


Changes: Customers must disclose to Custom Drapes any architectural changes or additions, such as blinds and shutters, cabinetry, beams, shelving, crown moldings, etc. prior to the beginning of the window treatment production. Changes will not be made to active purchase orders after production unless client pays for the associated cost with requested changes.


Textiles: Fabrics have inherent characteristics that are out of Custom Drapes’ control (i.e., stretching, stiffness, hiking, flaring, dye lots, back light shadows and imperfections). Be aware that no fabric is completely stable and there should be tolerance for small fluctuations in drapery and shade lengths. Some drapery fabrics (due to yarn contents, construction, humidity, etc.) will expand or contract under certain atmospheric conditions. Fabrics may change in appearance when sun light is directed from the back side of the fabric. Custom Drapes does not warranty any window treatments from fading. Please consult with your fabric sales person before purchasing customer’s own (COM) fabrics. Fabrics supplied by Custom Drapes are made to industry standards and are also subject to fading. Linings are highly recommended to reduce fading. Any required seams will be pattern matched for smooth transition from one width of fabric to another. Seams may be visible.


Motorization: All electric motors and electric components are supplied by third party vendors. Custom Drapes does not warranty any electric motors or electrical components beyond the original manufacture’s warranties.


Wiring: Custom Drapes may provide customers with new electrical outlet location recommendations. The recommendations Custom Drapes supplies should be verified by a state licensed electrical contractor selected by customer and at customer’s own expense. Customer will be responsible for ensuring that the selected electrical contractor is licensed. Custom Drapes is not a licensed electrical contractor and is only providing electrical outlet location recommendations. Therefore, Custom Drapes is not responsible for any wiring errors and/or errors performed by customer’s electrical contractor, including the positioning of the junction boxes or connections to the motor which may cause damage to the home or motors. 

Warranty: Custom Drapes’ custom fabric treatments are guaranteed to be free from fabrication defects provided the product is correctly installed and used. This warranty is limited to the repair of Custom Drapes’ manufactured products. Custom Drapes maintains the right to determine whether the defect is covered by the warranty and how the fabrication defect will be corrected. Repairs will only be made to meet original specifications of the contract. If client discovers any fabrication defects concerning Custom Drapes’ products, please contact Custom Drapes within thirty days from the date of product installation. This warranty only applies to requests for repair of fabrication defects that are made with in thirty days from the date of product installation. If a fabrication defect repair request is not made within thirty days, Custom Drapes will not be responsible for the fabrication defect repair and will not be liable for any further damage to the customers’ window treatment(s) in question. Custom Drapes will make every effort to repair and reinstall the warranted product in a timely fashion.


LIMITS TO THE WARRANTY: This warranty does not cover damage from conditions caused by normal wear and tear; exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture, salt air) and discoloration or fading over time; misuse or abuse; abrasions or tearing from improper use or maintenance; damage from improper or neglectful maintenance or cleaning; improper self-installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric/treatment should the customer not be satisfied with their contracted window treatments and/or fabric selection, including labor, installation or shipping. Self-installation, installation on treatments and hardware not provided by Custom Drapes or installation not coordinated by Custom Drapes may result in damage to the fabric or hardware system, and shall void all warranties. 

Cancellation Policy: Custom made products are not subject to cancellation or returns. Custom products cannot be canceled or returned once the order has been placed whether in stock or on back order unless otherwise agreed upon. All payments are nonrefundable.


Payments: A 50% deposit is required to begin. We accept cash, check, Zelle or Venmo. Once your deposit clears, we will begin your order. Deposits are nonrefundable. Your remaining balance will be due upon installation of your products. In the event any invoice is not paid when due, and legal action becomes necessary, the prevailing party shall be entitled to their reasonable attorney fees and court costs. If the remaining balance is not paid within 10 days of installation, a $25 per day fee will incur. Bounced checks will incur a $25 fee. 


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